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Brand Start-Up

There are no safe brand positions. Your brand needs to develop continuously. But your challenge is bigger than that. Your most important objective is to contribute to your company’s long-term growth. United Minds' Brand Start-Up solves both of these challenges.

  • It is, at the least, a powerful brand campaign that strengthens and develops your brand and market position. At it’s center sits a strong communication concept.
  • But more than that, the communication concept is also a business concept. The campaign is actually an undercover effort to try out how your brand – and the business concept – would work on a new market.

The advantage of initiating a Brand Start-Up is that you don’t need to commit to a new business venture until you have tested the potential of your business idea and brand. You will at the very least get a powerful brand campaign. If it tests well, and you are able to create "pull" from your customers, you are already on your way, and can continue to quickly expand the concept into a new and growing business.

The process for setting up a Brand Start-Up is done in three main steps:

  1. We do an analysis of your company’s unique set of capabilities and assets, paired with an analysis of new potential markets where these capabilities and assets can create value.
  2. Based on this analysis, we create a joint communication and business concept, that we communicate as a marketing campaign, but which at the same time is a pilot for a new business venture.
  3. We not only evaluate the success of the marketing campaign, but also the validity of the business case. If proven valid, the necessary organizational measures are taken to quickly accelerate the new business opportunity in the new market.

Brand Start-Up is a Trojan horse, cloaked as a campaign but actually the first effort in moving into a new market.


Thomas Areskoug



Carl-Fredrik Teder