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Customer Journey

A customer “journeys” from awareness and intent to preference and purchase through a series of situations. They are moments on a timeline in chronological order. It can be an interaction, an event, an experience, and it can be "the day in a life”, or a journey towards purchase through first browsing the internet through to actually buying the product in a retail store. The journeys can be actual or “what if”. 

Start with mapping out the actual situations/event of the journey. Then analyse each situation: what is the customer thinking and what is his/hers attitudes and behaviors? After that you need to understand what the real “pain points” are: what is causing frustration and negative attitudes? 

After that comes the magic. This is where you apply “blue sky thinking”. How can this situation be enhanced? If you had a magic device at this point, what would you build to overcome the frustration? 

Then comes the creative solution: Are we able to alleviate the customer’s frustration through efficient and customer-friendly means? Is the customer willing to pay for it?

A customer journey is about siding with customer and placing yourself in their shoes.


Edward Boëthius