United Minds


Digital Audit

It isn't always easy to know where to start when you want to "digitalize". There's that vague feeling that we're not quite keeping up, and that digital technologies, applied some way or the other, may be the key to growth or to fending off the competition. We can help you discover how you measure up - and where you should focus your attention.

We will audit your organization in four main areas; Problem Focus, Contextual Awareness, Executive Capacity and Go-To-Market. 

Problem Focus: How well do you utilize digital technology to address the fundamental problems faced by your customers? We're not talking about whether your product or service is digital enough, we're talking about whether you are trying to be truly transformative in creating value for the customer.

Contextual Awareness: To what extent are you applying available digital tools to understand your surroundings? And do you actually know who your competition is?

Executive Capacity: The way you organize your efforts have a fundamental effect on your ability to act in the digital landscape. How well suited is your organization to capitalize on digital opportunities today?

Go-To-Market: Digital technology allows you to know more about your customer than ever before. Are you making maximum use of this fact?



Elias Nilsson