United Minds


Iconic Move

An outdated brand? Afraid your brand is losing its appeal among your key stakeholders?

To move brand perception is in a way easier than it has ever been. But also more difficult. Easier because if you get it right, the digital and social era we today live in can fuel word of mouth and peer-to-peer endorsement of your brand in unparalleled ways. Harder, because if you really want to get attention in today’s social and digital landscape you need to capture people’s imagination.

Luckily enough, there is a formula for this. We call it the Iconic Move. A communicative audacious move that changes the board. 

1.    Distill – choose to do one thing, not many, that has the potential and power to actually move your brand

2.    Demonstrate – prove it, don’t say it, chose something that speaks louder than words, something that proves your brand has changed and is different

3.    Dramatize – set it in a context that makes it challenging, a task that seems impossible, and engages your audiences

The problem with re-booting or re-positioning a brand is more often than not scale. We say that you need to do only one thing, but you need to do it big. If you want to push perception 90 degrees, you need to do something that stretches 180 degrees. Partnering with United Minds we audit your brand, define unleveraged strengths, define a task and develop a challenging concept that pushes your brand to where you want it to go. It is a one-year investment of one percent of your annual revenue. Year two you will see a 10 % growth of your brand equity. Year three your brand has delivered a 5 % revenue increase. 


Andreas Befrits