United Minds


Influencer Mapping

Who are the critical influencers of your business, how are they positioned and what are their interdependencies? In what arenas do they operate? What issues and topics is the reason for their positions? And what are the scenarios going forward?

The way your stakeholders interact is fundamentally more relevant today, but also exponentially more difficult to map. We possess the capabilities, tools and techniques to do real network analysis that help you identify your true influencers of today and their replacements tomorrow. This goes beyond traditional media analyses, but is instead actionable analysis, that lets you work proactively.

Depending on your business, network and needs, we can focus on different aspects in the analysis, whether it be the profiles of your influencers, how they are interdependent, the arenas and platforms from which they operate and what issues and topics that governs the discourse.


Jasmin Alipour