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Most companies and organizations have ongoing coverage of news
and social media. But they often fail in two aspects: the platforms are providing facts and figures rather than insights, and whatever insight there are does not reach the right internal stakeholders in the organization.
To address these two challenges we have developed a platform: Sitegeist. Sitegeist is a digital report format for media analysis that focuses on monitoring and analyzing what really resonates in the audience you are interested in, and it is tailored for internal dissemination in larger organizations.

Sitegeist’s key content is brief analyses that form the basis for communication and/or business environment-driven innovation. The reports are advisory, rather than merely presentations of facts and numbers. Users log into the report through the United Minds website and can be easily read. The platform used to create the analysis is based on our partner Gavagai’s groundbreaking text analysis system. It can handle sentiment analysis (positive, negative, etc.) in various languages and continuously learns new words and expressions. The content and layout of the report makes it easily accessible for all internal stakeholder. 
We believe that contextual analysis must be ongoing and be an integral part of communications and business. Through Sitegeist you can work proactively.


Jasmin Alipour


Tycho Grothdigital