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Between the Swedish national elections in 2010 and 2014, United Minds produced a regularly published opinion poll called "Väljarbarometern" in cooperation with Cint and Aftonbladet. Through the Open Opinion initiative, we are publishing the underlying data to be downloaded freely. We are doing this to enable others to analyze poll data. 

Open data has been an important issue among businesses and organizations for long time. Open Opinion is our way of contributing to the movement and increasing transparency around polling. 

United Minds initiated Väljarbarometern ahead of the national election in 2010 and by doing so established Sweden's first public political opinion poll that used digital panels. By the time we closed Väljarbarometern we had collected 61 000 responses between September 2010 and September 2014. Our last published analysis was closest to the final election result, as compared to other pollsters. 

Today, approximately 61 000 interviews are available to download freely from the United Minds website. You can reach the file by completing the form below. During the last weeks of polling, Väljarbarometern included a shorter survey. These results are not included in the data file as they lack certain questions. 

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