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Ingela Stenson

Business Analyst and Strategist

Ingela has long and broad experience in analysis, communications, public relations and leadership. Her communication specialty is repositioning; raising both phenomena and people from unknown to known, from disorder to order, from negative to positive. Regarding communication and public relations, she extensively uses market research and business intelligence as an important basis.

Ingela has been responsible for and has led several large and important projects such as Mjölkfrämjandet (milk promotion), Chef of the Year, Caffe Latte, Ostfrämjandet (cheese promotion) and Swedish Bocuse d'Or (European and World championships in professional cooking). She is a well-known figure in the Swedish world of food and has had a number of major food-related assignments. She has, among other things, chaired the Swedish food business communications group, co-founded Skolmatens Vänner (a national food organization aiming to promote food in schools) and has worked with the past four ministers of agriculture. Ingela has received several awards, for example, she was elected as one of the three most powerful food-PR profiles in Sweden in 2002, and in recent years the magazine Restaurangvärlden (Restaurant World) has named her one of the most powerful food profiles in Sweden.

Ingela was one of the members of the Swedish Dairy Association's executive committee between 1999-2007, sat in the Restaurant Academy's board of directors between 2002-2007, and since 2003 she is a board member of the Market Association in Stockholm. Ingela has been a member of the Advisory Board for the Restaurant University at Umeå University and is part of Grythyttan’s innovation councils at the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science at Örebro University.

Ingela is also a frequent lecturer. She specializes in trends in communication, food, lifestyle and society. Moreover, she participates regularly in the media, both as interviewee and as a writer. She was editor of the paper Mjölkspegeln (a former professional paper with research findings and debate on food and health with a focus on milk and dairy products) between 1992-2007 and today she writes columns and articles in the magazines Restauranger & Storkök (Restaurants & Caterers) and Fast Food.